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On their next trip to San Francisco, your readers can take in a big double-header. Through February 4, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, SFMOMA, is hosting “Walker Evans,” a humungous retrospective of the seminal 20th century photographer’s work.
Four-hundred images, some little larger than postage stamps— it’s informative, and it is exhausting.

But just a block away, the Contemporary Jewish Museum, CJM, has a pick-me-up. Through January 28, 2018, its most lively and invigorating exhibit, “Jewish Folktales Retold: Artist As Maggid”, awakens tired eyes. Rough enough, ‘maggid’ means story-teller. The CJM commissioned sixteen contemporary artists to pick a Jewish folk tale and riff on it. The result? Surprise. Enchantment. Delight. Some of the artists are Michael Arcega, Julia Goodman, Dina Goldstein, Vera Iliatova, David Kasprzak, Elisabeth Higgins O’Connor, Mike Rothfeld, Tracey Snelling, Chris Sollars, M. Louise Stanley, Inez Storer, and Young Suh and Katie Peterson.
Jewish Folktales Retold: Artist as Maggid
Sep 28, 2017–Jan 28, 2018

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I predict that on November 6, 2018, the voters of Alabama will elect Roy Stewart Moore to the Senate. This is of note because Moore, a former chief justice of Alabama, was twice removed from the bench for defying judicial orders. And because he proudly espouses these beliefs:

  • President Barack Obama was not born in the United States.
  • God placed Donald Trump in the White House.
  • Muslims should not be allowed to serve in Congress.
  • The Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks were God’s punishment for America’s wicked culture.
  • The First Amendment only applies to Christians because “Buddha didn’t create us, Mohammed didn’t create us, it was the God of the Holy Scriptures who created us.”

And, after breaking news that Moore and his kin have gotten rich from ‘charity,’ I’m doubling down on my prediction of his election victory.


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Jules Predicts 




I predict that on or before October 1, 2019, the American stock market will swan dive from the high board into an empty pool. This will not be an adjustment, a correction, a blip. I predict a massive fall from a great height, with lasting and far-reaching consequences.

Note: In response to yesterday’s Gun prediction, Florence Oxenham wrote, “I heard an NPR reporter claim that there were at least 7 mass shootings in the week following the Vegas mass shooting (“mass shooting” defined as 4 or more fatalities). So, sadly, you were right on the money there.”

Business Insider concurs: “[Las Vegas] marked the 273rd mass shooting in 2017, according to the nonprofit Gun Violence Archive, which tracks shootings in the US. To put this into perspective, we are 275 days into the year, which means the US has had nearly as many mass shootings as days in 2017.”


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Jules Predicts


AND here we ago again. For the third time, I’m prognosticating about the near future. Here are this year’s five predictions — five in five days — about America’s economy and politics.

  1. Homeward Bound In both previous predictions, I said that despite expert opinion to the contrary, I believed falling housing prices had yet to hit bottom. I now predict… exactly the same. For the next 12 months, prices will continue to fall. To see all predictions past, logon http://julespredicts.blogspot.com

home prices lowest since 2002: http://money.cnn.com/2012/04/24/real_estate/home-prices/?source=cnn_bin

  1. Sarah’s Future She’s the hottest ticket in American politics. Her books are selling out, her tweets are breathlessly reported, and in Republican primaries, she’s backed the winning candidate time after time after time. Yet I predict that Sarah Louise Palin will not be the Republican candidate for President in the next election. To see all predictions past, logon http://julespredicts.blogspot.com
  2. Meg’s Game Plan Margaret Cushing Whitman, the fourth richest woman in California, has spent more of her own money running for governor than any candidate has ever spent running for any office in history. Win or lose, I predict her real goal will be revealed during the next presidential elections, when she will put her name forward as the candidate for Vice President of the United States. Who will be her running mate? Stay tuned. To see all predictions past, logon http://julespredicts.blogspot.com
  3. The Republican Candidate Rudy is speechifying all over the place. Sarah is omnipresent in the media. Mike has his own show on Fox. Yet, I predict the next Republican candidate for President of the United States will be Willard Mitt Romney. Will he win? Tell you tomorrow. To see all predictions past, logon http://julespredicts.blogspot.com
  4. Hail to the Chief His approval ratings have sunk and are still sinking. He’s taking flak from the Left, being carpet bombed by the Right. He’s about to lose some of his chief advisors. Yet, I predict… should he choose to run, the winner of the next presidential election will be none other than Barack Hussein Obama. To see all predictions past, logon http://julespredicts.blogspot.com


If you have predictions of your own, I’d love to hear ‘em.

— jules

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