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At Turtle Bay Exploration Park, in Redding, California, the animals steal the show. Wild Wild TurtleView full post »

BACKS Straight & Crooked

If this helps with your back pain, that will simply make my day. Cheers, JulesView full post »

Tahoe Unchained

Going to Tahoe in snow? One way to avoid the horror of putting on chains is to drive the right vehicle. Our 4WD JEEPView full post »

QUAKE CITY: Christchurch Four Years After

Quake City: Christchurch Four Years After by Jules and Effin Older has won Gold for Broadcasting and Video in the BATWView full post »

Savoring San Francisco with the San Franciscans

It’s a fact — San Francisco is the world’s favorite American city. For nearly two decades, it has been ranked America’sView full post »

Harlan on Kubrick

Here’s what’s new and exciting in San Francisco’s Contemporary Jewish Museum.  View full post »


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