It‚Äôs a side of San Francisco that locals know well but visitors often miss. No, not the ethnic neighborhoods the Olders are so fond of ‚Äî the Golden Triangle. Golden Triangle? Around 1915, that used to be Market, Powell and Sutter Streets, downtown. Today, it‚Äôs Chestnut, Union and Fillmore, in Cow Hollow and the Marina.… Continue reading Dorian

Sunday’s A Drag

Brunch in San Francisco may be a wee bit different from the last time you took Mum brunching on Mother‚Äôs Day. This one is called Sunday‚Äôs a Drag. It‚Äôs in a 1930‚Äôs-style supper club called Harry Denton‚Äôs Starlight Room on the 21st floor of the Sir Francis Drake Hotel. The room, the setting, the atmosphere… Continue reading Sunday’s A Drag