K’s Kitchen

K‚Äôs Kitchen is sooo San Francisco. If you’re visiting City College or hiking Glen Park, plan a meal at K‚Äôs Kitchen. K, a.k.a. Ken Deng, exemplifies the San Francisco experience. He runs ‚Äran‚ÄîK’s Kitchen. Though Ken has moved on, K‚Äôs continues ‚Äa restaurant that serves gnocchi, foie gras & tiramisu‚Ķ and he, himself, is a… Continue reading K’s Kitchen

Papito Potrero

This is one of our favorites. Mexican fare at its best and what San Francisco eating is all about. Papito Potrero is in the¬†lively, interesting neighborhood of Potrero Hill. It’s a tiny (20 seats inside, eight out) restaurant with a creative chef and cheerful knowledgable servers. It’s not fusion food but Mexican regional heightened with… Continue reading Papito Potrero