Mountain View Cemetery

Looking to buy in a quiet area with spectacular views, beautifully kept lawns, bubbling fountains and sparkling ponds? And never hear a word of complaint from your next-door neighbor? Look no further than Mountain View Cemetery in Oakland. Plots are currently available for $5,000 to $8,000 for a single grave. If money is no object,… Continue reading Mountain View Cemetery


Carmel-By-The-Sea This little beachside town on California‚Äôs Monterey Peninsula defines ‚Äúcharming and quaint.‚Äù With fewer than 4000 people who all want to keep the town as it is (thank you very much), it‚Äôs understandable how quaint city laws are kept on the books. These laws include not allowing high heels without a permit, not installing… Continue reading Carmel-By-The-Sea