BOTA If you’re a theatergoer, you want a pre-show meal that’s tasty, not so filling you fall asleep in the second act, and, most important, fast. We missed one first act because the restaurant‚Äôs service was so damned slow. So, what kind of restaurant meets those three requirements? It‚Äôs clearly not French. Nor an exquisite… Continue reading BOTA

SFMOMA: Walker Evans

DOUBLE HEADER (First Game) On their next trip to San Francisco, your readers can take in a big double-header. Here‚Äôs the first game: Through February 4, 2018, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, SFMOMA, is hosting ‚ÄúWalker Evans,‚Äù a humungous retrospective of the seminal 20th century photographer‚Äôs work. His most famous photo is here,… Continue reading SFMOMA: Walker Evans