Tamarind Hall

Tamarind Hall is just the kind of restaurant that sets San Francisco apart and above. Here, in no particular order, are the key ingredients: Simply delicious food A welcoming atmosphere A neighborhood favorite Reasonable prices Asian ethnic. Tamarind Hall is the loving obsession of Bangkok-born Salisa Skinner who studied law on the Peninsula, practiced IT… Continue reading Tamarind Hall

Tony’s Pizza Napoletana

Tony’s Pizza Napoletana is run and spun by award-winning pizza maker, Tony Gemignani. The champ has only been in business since 2009, but it’s San Francisco’s number 1 pizzeria, no doubt about it. Tony knows his dough, and he knows his customers. He’s charming, entertaining, knowledgeable and a pizza fanatic. How fanatic? He keeps four (4)… Continue reading Tony’s Pizza Napoletana