As an executive consultant, I work with business professionals, either remotely or in person. Together, we deal with:

  • Presentation skills
  • Communication issues
  • Performance anxiety
  • Workplace problems
  • Getting unstuck
  • Rising and delivering
  • Getting paid
  • Personal and family concerns

I’ve also used my Ph.D. in clinical psychology to work with:

  • Patients
  • Inmates in New Zealand’s women’s prison
  • Medical students
  • Psychiatrists and family practitioners
  • Radio and television presenters
  • Prime athletes and world changers
  • Firemen who feel stuck in mid-level positions
  • Late-night disc jockeys struggling to deal with suicide calls


“Jules has worked with two categories of staff at Donnelley Financial Solutions: Those on their way up and those trying to avoid plunging on their way out. He has been successful with both, finding hidden strengths in the upward bound and repositioning those hovering by the exit door. Jules has also helped with speeches, talks, and presentations and has become an essential element of our company. I wholeheartedly and enthusiastically recommend Jules.” – Dawnet Beverley, Senior Vice President and Managing Director, Global Capital Markets US, Donnelley Financial Solutions

“Jules’ consulting on my Global Cooling Ski Adventure media show took my presentation to a new level. His suggestions honed my focus and eliminated flat spots. He made it resonate with viewers, helping me accomplish my main goal – to help people prevent global weirding and save our snow.” – Alison Gannett, World Champion Extreme Skier & Global Cooling Activist

“Is Jules a life coach, therapist, friend, or mentor? Truth is, he’s all of the above. Jules was originally hired to fine-tune my presentation skills for a sales position. Through many sessions, I developed not only those skills but have evolved professionally and personally as well. I consider myself incredibly lucky to have had Jules in my life.” – Lindsay Levitt, Product Owner / Client Solutions Specialist at Donnelley Financial Solutions