Writing for Real

Writing for Real

“Writing for Real” means getting writer’s words in front of reader’s eyes. The course covers all genres of writing except poetry, and all kinds of publications: kid’s books to newspaper stories, apps to magazines, ebooks to tree-books, broadcasts to blogs. Even movies. (Our YouTube channel has more than 300,000 real views.)

I’ve taught the course from Maine to California, Vermont to Wanaka. At the University of Vermont, it won the university award for excellence in teaching.

I’m honored to be one of the 2022’s Ockham Creatives. You can find details about the course at the Ockham Collective or by contacting me directly.

Here are a few things you should know about Writing for Real:

COMMITMENT: Six consecutive weeks for about 2 hours per session (check back here for upcoming dates)
LOCATION: Anywhere you like since we’ll be on Zoom
SIZE: Maximum 12 participants

Email Jules to learn more about Writing for Real.


“After decades of just writing my opinion pieces on legal tablets at home, I have now published my first article – less than a month after completing the class.” – Julie, Oregon

“Jules has a way of coaxing the truth from class participants. Jules coaches with care, holds egos in check and against the odds has convinced a motley group of wannabe writers to push forward together.” – Gary, San Francisco

“Writing For Real is the first and best creative writing class I ever had. Jules, you inspired and encouraged, and for that, you will always be remembered by this former student with sincere fondness and gratitude.” – Wendy, Vermont

“Jules’ writing workshop is a wonderful experience. He encourages, imparts real-world information, has a sense of humor and thoroughly engages his workshop participants in the process. His critique is spot-on. He gives you that boost to make your work publishable. You won’t just enjoy this workshop, you need it!” – Virginia, San Francisco

“The diversity of students, and Jules’ wealth of writing and publishing knowledge, made this class thought-provoking and amazing. I wholeheartedly recommend Writing for Real – it definitely re-energized my love of writing.” – Anna, San Francisco

“Effin and Jules were unfailingly generous with sharing and applying their extensive knowledge in original and thought-provoking ways. They facilitated the creation of magic every day, and it was a privilege to be witness to the ‘new best show in Middle Earth’.” – David, Christchurch (Writing for Real participant at the Wanaka Autumn Arts School)

“Thank you again for the most wonderful week. Life, will, quite literally, never be the same again.” – Tracey, Wanaka Writing for Real participant at the Wanaka Autumn Arts School)