Tony’s Pizza Napoletana

Tony’s Pizza Napoletana is run and spun by award-winning pizza maker, Tony Gemignani. The champ has only been in business since 2009, but it’s San Francisco’s number 1 pizzeria, no doubt about it. Tony knows his dough, and he knows his customers. He’s charming, entertaining, knowledgeable and a pizza fanatic. How fanatic? He keeps four (4)… Continue reading Tony’s Pizza Napoletana


Italian Capannina When people hear we write about San Francisco restaurants, their first question is always, “What’s your favorite?” Easy. Capannina. A small Italian restaurant on Union Street in Cow Hollow (not on Union Square) that’s way cheaper than the tourist spots. Capannina offers everything you love about Italy—fabulous food, doting service, a great well… Continue reading Capannina