MoAD: Coffee, Rhum, Sugar & Gold

The most exciting exhibit I’ve seen this year is at¬†MoAD, Museum of the African Diaspora.¬†Coffee, Rhum, Sugar & Gold¬†will run through August 11.¬†

          Though I approach anything subtitled “A Post-Colonial Paradox” gingerly, in this case I should have let my guard down. It’s not doctrinaire, not a visual polemic — the show is filled with real art; some of it, extraordinary art. 

Visually, it’s a treat for the eyes; thematically, a challenge to the mind. And while it “looks at the legacy of European colonialism in the Caribbean through the work of 10 contemporary artists,” it does so through colorful, creative art, not a hit on the head with a sledge hammer.

          For your readers visiting San Francisco, I recommend starting at MoAD, then bouncing to its two neighbors, SFMOMA, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, and the CJM, Contemporary Jewish Museum. That’s one full, art-filled day.

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