Pacifica California

Headline news, January 2016, Pacifica, California.

Residents have enjoyed the cliffside ocean view from their decks and backdoors for decades. But that is about to end this hyperlink.

As waves relentlessly eat away at the soil beneath their homes, their decks and backdoors are falling into the sea. Reluctantly, residents have to move before they, too, plunge down the 80-foot vertical drop to the rocks below.

From a safer spot in Pacifica, ocean views are just one reason to check out this six-mile-long coastal town on California’s super-scenic Route 1.

Here’s more: surfing, mountain biking, hiking (especially on the Devil’s Slide walk), fishing, golf, art and theater.

Oh, and if you’re hankering for an authentic cup of English tea and scone with jam and cream, Lovey’s Tea Shoppe is a sure bet. And it’s on terra firma.


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