Shabu Shabu (TR: swish, swish) is a traditional Japanese hot pot. Almost-paper-thin slices of meat are swished through boiling broth and eaten with veggies fresh from the broth. The cooking is usually done by the diner at the table.

Opened in late 2012,¬†Shabuway¬†is a perfect example of a traditional Shabu Shabu restaurant that you’d find in Japan. Warm welcome, beautifully designed simplicity, highest standards of cleanliness, best quality meats. Those meats are raised on vegetarian diets with no antibiotics or growth hormones. It’s bought unfrozen and handled with care and, here, at a price well below what it would cost in Tokyo.

Shabuway looks and tastes and smells like Tokyo. We found it delightful and delicious. It’s¬†ethnic food at good value and off the Tourist Reservation.

Here are some tips for when you go:

Tip 1: The Outer Sunset: Bring your best parking karma. You’ll need it.

Tip 2: Shabuway is just down the street from the unrelated Shabu House. Hey, you’re in Foody City, get used to it.

Tip 3: There’s an all-you-can-eat option for the very hungry.

Tip 4: If you’re new to Shabu Shabu, tell your server. Everyone at Shabuway is kind and helpful.


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