TAKE ME HOME – How to Rent or Buy in a Hot Home Market

TAKE ME HOME, the ebook



Desperately Seeking Shelter?

Help is just an ebook away

Everyone searching for a house or an apartment in a competitive market knows how vicious that jungle can be.

Jules and Effin Older have hacked through the housing wilderness in New York, New Zealand, and most recently, in hyper-hot San Francisco.

What they discovered will give home-seekers a distinct advantage. Jules has put everything he knows in an ebook, TAKE ME HOME: How to Rent or Buy in a Hot Home Market.

In his words, “What worked for us in San Francisco will work for you in Auckland and Oakland, Sydney and San Jose, Singapore and Shanghai, London and Los Angeles, Honolulu and Hong Kong, DC and NY.”

Jules says, “TAKE ME HOME starts with SHOW, taking you through our rollercoaster ride searching for shelter in San Francisco. Then, the TELL: lessons learned, secret weapons, attitude shifts that will help you in your search. Plus, credit reports, furniture storage, dealing with mood swings, avoiding scams, employing useful websites and a whole lot more. And, yes, if all else fails, pushing the button on The Nuclear Option.”

TAKE ME HOME will cost US$10. It’s now available at the introductory price of $US5 on Amazon and all other platforms.

For a visual taste of the book, check out the Olders’ minimovie of the same name.


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