If you know anything about recent Irish history, you know about the Troubles click here for info. The Troubles started in the early 1970s in Derry. On Sunday, January 30, 1972, British soldiers killed thirteen unarmed citizens in Bogside. It is known as Bloody Sunday. Today, the citizens of Derry are working hard to promote… Continue reading Derry


Guinness for strength

If you want to have a great time, make your next trip to Dublin. Nearly half the city is under 25, so it‚Äôs no wonder it‚Äôs a buzzy place‚Äîmusic flows out of pubs, streets teem with people, galleries burst with art, restaurants serve up delicious dishes. Here‚Äôs some things you may not know about Dublin:… Continue reading Dublin


Luxembourg is a tiny country in Europe headed by a grand duke. It‚Äôs the last remaining grand duchy in the world. How cool is that! Luxembourg‚Äôs neighbors are France, Belgium and Germany. Its population is about the same as Vermont‚Äôs and, like Vermont, Luxembourg is largely rural. If Americans know nothing else about Luxembourg, chances… Continue reading Luxembourg