Two Thingies

And here we go.

Thingie 1 buy generic synthroid. Jokers. It’s my occasional laugh-out-loud humor by email. If you like to LOL, it may be for you.

Thingie 2.¬†Writers Lifeguard. If¬†you’ve¬†been published anywhere, you’re welcome to join this even more occasional rant for writers only.¬†If¬†you¬†haven‚Äôt been published, as soon as¬†you are, tell me and on¬†you’ll go.

Both are free, easy off, and have members from pretty much all over the world. How do you get on? Reply to this and say something like, I wanna be a Joker. I wanna be a Lifeguard. I wanna be both. And your wish will likely be granted.

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