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When people hear we write about San Francisco restaurants, their first question is always, “What’s your favorite?”

Easy. Capannina. A small Italian restaurant on Union Street in Cow Hollow (not on Union Square) that’s way cheaper than the tourist spots.

Capannina offers everything you love about Italy—fabulous food, doting service, a great well of warmth that engulfs you as soon as you walk in. If you’re there in truffle season, the Papperdelle with Shaved White Truffles cannot be topped. As one besotted patron said, “I want that to be my dying meal.”

And if that isn’t enough, before 6 p.m., Capannina has an Early Bird Special that even writers can afford. If you have but one dinner to eat in San Francisco, hie thee to Capannina.

“Sublime” is the one-word summary. And it featured on  Check, Please! Bay Area, the region’s fave foodie TV show. (OK, I was the one who featured it. Sue me.)

1809 Union Street, 415 409-8001; http://www.capanninasf.com



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