Jules Predicts, 2010

Jules Predicts SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 26, 2010 AND here we ago again. For the third time, I’m prognosticating about the near future. Here are this year’s five predictions — five in five days — about America’s economy and politics. Homeward Bound In both previous predictions, I said that despite expert opinion to the contrary, I believed… Continue reading Jules Predicts, 2010

Jules Predicts: Hillary’s Veep. Two down, two wrong.

So. I predicted Donald Trump would not pick a nationally known political figure, and he did. Then I predicted Hillary … see below. I thought she’d choose one of the Castro brothers or Cory Booker, thus sealing the Latino and/or Black vote. Instead, she picked a white guy, a moderate Democrat who’s well known and… Continue reading Jules Predicts: Hillary’s Veep. Two down, two wrong.

Jules Predicts: Guns and Florida

Jules Predicts? Four times now (most recently in 2012), I’ve made five predictions about events in the not-too-distant future. Starting tomorrow, you’ll see my predictions and be able to judge their correctness, or lack, thereof. — jules PS I’d intended to end there, but given today’s event in Orlando, Florida, I’ll make one more prediction. Despite the mass murder of Americans by a self-declared enemy of America, the state of Florida will impose not… Continue reading Jules Predicts: Guns and Florida