Pacific Catch

Now we understand …

No matter the day or time of day, whenever we pass Pacific Catch, it’s always jammed. To the gills. Sure it’s small —28 seats including a few outside — but still.

We finally ate there. Now we understand. Freshest seafood. Cheeriest waiters. Most reasonable prices. Most convivial customers (which is good since the tables are within whisper distance of each other).

And one killer dessert. They call it Crispy Dulce de Leche “Spring Roll.” It‚Äôs an irresistible mix of cheesecake filling, vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce. We shared; it wasn‚Äôt easy.

We also shared the rest of the meal: spicy tortilla lime soup, mahi mahi and Baja tacos, a wasabi rice bowl. All super fresh; all delicious.

Here’s another bonus: Tuesday, bottles of wine are half price.

The Pacific Catch on Chestnut Street is one link in a small chain of Catches.

2027 Chestnut St, San Francisco; (415) 440-1950


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