SCOMA’S It was in Fort Bragg that I first heard about Scoma‚Äôs. A couple from even farther north was raving about this San Francisco seafood house. A year passed before I tried it; I went there for lunch. I was underwhelmed. The food was San Francisco-okay but nothing more. Since Scoma‚Äôs is in the middle… Continue reading Scoma’s

Ijji Sushi

  Outside Japan, it‚Äôs rare to find a restaurant like Ijji. Think minimalist. Serenity. Ritual. Understatement. Precision. On a busy block on a busy San Francisco street, Ijji is almost invisible. Even if you’re looking for it, you could still miss it. No sign, no grand entrance, only a discrete iii¬†on the Japanese curtains that… Continue reading Ijji Sushi

Pacific Catch

Now we understand ‚Ķ No matter the day or time of day, whenever we pass Pacific Catch, it‚Äôs always jammed. To the gills. Sure it‚Äôs small ‚Äî28 seats including a few outside ‚Äî but still. We finally ate there. Now we understand. Freshest seafood. Cheeriest waiters. Most reasonable prices. Most convivial customers (which is good… Continue reading Pacific Catch

San Luis Obispo

About 45,000 lucky people live in San Luis Obispo (SLO), the city that sits halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco in the middle of the wine-rich Central Coast. Why are they so lucky? Let me count the ways … no, actually there are more than I can list here, so I’ll restrict myself to… Continue reading San Luis Obispo