Wow! Sacramento’s Tower Bridge is impossible to miss.

Like the Golden Gate, it’s all about the color—in this case, gold. It used to be silver, but everyone growled about the glare, so in 2001, citizens voted for a new color. The gold paint job should last about 30 years. Maybe after that there will be another vote.

Another Wow! Sacramento attraction is the Delta King paddle wheeler. From 1927 to 1940, it paddled the Sacramento River between Sacramento and San Francisco. Now, completely renovated, it’s docked in Old Sacramento and is a fun place to stay for a night or two. It serves up delicious food, drinks, and mystery dinner theater shows. So welcome aboard, matey.

Sacramento became California’s state capital in 1879. Before that, the capital moved from San Jose to Vallejo to Benicia.

Sacramento architecture combines modern new designs with buildings reminiscent of Gold Rush days. In Old Sacramento, wooden sidewalks, horse drawn wagons, and old timey shops help you imagine life when gold was first discovered in California.

There are plenty of restaurants, museums, hotels, and parks to explore in this city that has been described as the sunniest place on the planet from July through September. July is the sunniest month of all. Sounds good unless you don’t fancy heat that can reach over 100 degrees. And with global warming, who knows where temperatures will top out? If you come in summer, bring a fan.

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