I learned a new word at Okane: ippin. It means small dishes or plates —  Japanese tapas.

Ippin defines dining at Okane, an izakaya restaurant. BTW, izakaya refers to a neighborhood, casual dining and drinking place in Japan. This small izakaya has just 46 seats plus an extra four at the sushi bar.

If you have a taste for the freshest of fish served a gazillion different ways, Okane fits the bill: cod, shrimp, mackerel, tuna, salmon, eel. They serve them¬†tempura-ed, sushi-ed, seared, poached and raw. You name it, it’s on the menu. So is Japanese beer and sake.

Once you’re fished out, clean your¬†palate¬†with housemade sesame ice cream with a sweet sauce. It’s a lip-smackingly good finish.

669 Townsend Street; 415 865-9788; www.okanesf.com


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