GLBT History Museum

Among the smaller museums in San Francisco is the GLBT History Museum in the heart of the Castro, our internationally famous gay district. The museum is basically two rooms, with static and kinetic exhibits lining almost every inch of every wall. There’s also a by-appointment-only archive of gay/lesbian/queer artefacts ‚Äî though micro in size, this… Continue reading GLBT History Museum

Urs Fischer

IF YOU GO-OH TO SAN FRANCISCO ‚Ķ Surprise(s) So many surprises come with Urs Fischer: The Public & the Private, the newest exhibit at San Francisco‚Äôs Legion of Honor, maybe it‚Äôs best to list them. Here goes ‚Ķ 1. The exhibit (which runs through July 2) starts outside the museum, in the courtyard. From there,… Continue reading Urs Fischer

Monet: The Early Years

IF YOU GO TO SAN FRANCISCO … When you visit the Legion of Honor‚Äôs ‚ÄúMonet: The Early Years‚Äù don‚Äôt expect to see water lilies, Rouen cathedrals, poplars, or haystacks. They were painted much later. This exhibit focuses on Monet’s¬†earliest paintings, from 1858 to 1872. He¬†was just 17 in 1858, the year¬†he started showing his work… Continue reading Monet: The Early Years

Frank Stella

On the way to the Frank Stella retrospective at the de Young Museum, we wondered why this exhibition is so important. Is Stella that influential in the art world beyond abstract expressionism? ¬† The short answer is yes. Over the past six decades, the very-much-alive Stella has done more to innovate, disrupt and re-invent art… Continue reading Frank Stella

Le Nain brothers

Band of Brothers Somewhere around 1600, in a remote French town, three brothers were born. They grew up strange; not only did they live together all their lives (none of them married), they worked together every day. And they were staggeringly gifted artists whose paintings often depicted poor peasants in a sympathetic way. Meet the… Continue reading Le Nain brothers