Andy Warhol at SFMOMA

Andy Warhol: Beyond the Soup Can If you ask anybody to name the most famous contemporary (OK, almost contemporary) artist, nine times out of ten, they’ll say, ‚ÄúAndy Warhol.‚Äù They’ll be right. Between the Campbell‚Äôs soup cans, the Marilyn Monroe portraits, the Brillo Pad boxes, and Warhol‚Äôs saucy blonde wig, he was the most outrageous,… Continue reading Andy Warhol at SFMOMA


The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, SFMOMA, is presenting Robert Rauschenberg, Erasing the Rules. Not only was Rauschenberg one of the leading lights of 20th century American art, he was ‚Äî at least to me ‚Äî the artist who changed art from A to B. A is what you see on the canvas, the… Continue reading Rauschenberg

MAH – Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History

IF YOU GO-OH TO SANTA CRUZ ‚Ķ ‚ÄúHow will you make history?‚Äù In the heart of Santa Cruz, I’ve found a museum I’m crazy about. Let me count the ways ‚Ķ It‚Äôs compact enough to absorb without suddenly feeling, ‚ÄúIf I don’t sit down and stop looking at art in the next 30 seconds, I’m… Continue reading MAH – Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History

Edvard Munch

Rodin is famous for The Thinker, but also for The Kiss and a number of other sculptures. Warhol is known for his soup cans, but also for Marilyn and a number of other prints. Van Gogh, Renoir, Matisse ‚Äî they may have a best-known piece, but they all have deep benches. Who’s the exception? Edvard… Continue reading Edvard Munch

in situ

It‚Äôs a bold idea. The concept behind SFMOMA‚Äôs new restaurant, in situ, is to work ‚Äúdirectly with chefs and restaurants around the world to faithfully execute their recipes.‚Äù What this means is that the menu consists of dishes from leading restaurants from countries around the world including Canada, Germany, Japan, Turkey, Spain and the USA.… Continue reading in situ