GLBT History Museum

Among the smaller museums in San Francisco is the GLBT History Museum in the heart of the Castro, our internationally famous gay district. The museum is basically two rooms, with static and kinetic exhibits lining almost every inch of every wall. There’s also a by-appointment-only archive of gay/lesbian/queer artefacts ‚Äî though micro in size, this… Continue reading GLBT History Museum


Transparent brings boldness, braveness and brilliance to American television. Presented by Amazon Prime, it‚Äôs about a Los Angeles family whose father one day declares, Don’t call me Mort; from now on, I’m Maura. Whoa. I dubbed the first two episodes ‚ÄúCrazy Jews in L.A.‚Äù But as the family stories and history unfolded, I came to… Continue reading Transparent

Jules Predicts Hillary’s Veep

I predict that Hillary Clinton‚Äôs choice for vice president will be male and ethnic, either Black or Hispanic. Probably Hispanic. Maybe sharing a name with a revolutionary or a former slave. PS I’ve enjoyed and appreciated your many replies, and there’s one I just have to share. It‚Äôs from Erin Caslavka in northern California. In… Continue reading Jules Predicts Hillary’s Veep