Alexander’s Snakehouse

On Halloween Eve, Alexander’s Steakhouse transmogrified itself into Alexander’s Snakehouse. It ‘twas scary — very scary. In the words of the general manager, “Not for the faint of heart or weak of spirit.”

Or slim of wallet. For $175, patrons were escorted by a ghoulish presence into the lower level— now, more dungeon than dining room. Once seated, they were served “Rattlesnake rillettes with citrus sage anti venom; the Scryer’s bowl with calf brains and shirako marrow egg; Silence of the Ducks with seared foie-gras, fava beans and a nice Chianti; Steak and the Heart with aged Angus beef, beef heart ragout and potato hay; and the Poison Apple with oatmeal and I scream white chocolate covered insects.”

The dining experience was heightened by a silent rendering of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre looping on a wall-sized screen, ghostly organ music, masked waiters, toothy jack-o-lanterns, snakes in jars and ‘blood’ on walls.

But the scariest part of the evening wasn’t the scenery; it was the prices on the wine list. When a bottle of Romanee Conti Grand Cru goes for $11,280, that scream you hear may be your own.

Alexander’s Steakhouse is at 448 Brannan Street between Third and Fourth Streets in San Francisco.

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