BOHO ONE of the great pleasures of reviewing restaurants is finding largely undiscovered gems. We hit wonderful Capannina¬†on opening night. Found Brenda‚Äôs¬†on a stroll through the Tenderloin. Lime Tree¬†is where I take my Writing For Real¬†students after a class at the Richmond Library. We came across Persian Alborz¬†on a rainy movie night. And discovered Progress¬†when… Continue reading Boho

Courthouse 2021

Class As the peninsula south of San Francisco morphed from orchards to computers, the name changed from Valley of Heart‚Äôs Delight to Silicon Valley. As techies replaced farmers, with few exceptions, property values in the Valley rocketed. Redwood City was one of the exceptions. For years, the city was a backwater in a fast-flowing stream.… Continue reading Courthouse 2021

Alexander’s Snakehouse

On Halloween Eve, Alexander‚Äôs Steakhouse transmogrified itself into Alexander‚Äôs Snakehouse. It ‚Äòtwas scary ‚Äî very scary. In the words of the general manager, ‚ÄúNot for the faint of heart or weak of spirit.‚Äù Or slim of wallet. For $175, patrons were escorted by a ghoulish presence into the lower level‚Äî now, more dungeon than dining… Continue reading Alexander’s Snakehouse

in situ

It‚Äôs a bold idea. The concept behind SFMOMA‚Äôs new restaurant, in situ, is to work ‚Äúdirectly with chefs and restaurants around the world to faithfully execute their recipes.‚Äù What this means is that the menu consists of dishes from leading restaurants from countries around the world including Canada, Germany, Japan, Turkey, Spain and the USA.… Continue reading in situ