K’s Kitchen

K’s Kitchen is sooo San Francisco.

If you’re visiting City College or hiking Glen Park, plan a meal at K‚Äôs Kitchen. K, a.k.a. Ken Deng, exemplifies the San Francisco experience. He runs ‚Äran‚ÄîK’s Kitchen. Though Ken has moved on, K‚Äôs continues ‚Äa restaurant that serves gnocchi, foie gras & tiramisu‚Ķ and he, himself, is a Chinese San Franciscan, who‚Äôs a ‚Äúself-learned chef.‚Äù

Deng has an excellent palate, the confidence to offer the fruits of that palate to customers, and the boldness to stir French and Italian items into a Japanese menu. The whole thing works — in a bold San Francisco way.

757 Monterey Boulevard between Gennessee St & Ridgewood Ave.

415 333-8500; www.kskitchen-sf.com

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