A sign. It’s a sign of a good restaurant when, in good times and bad, weekdays and weekends, winter and summer, the joint is full.

At Ozumo, the joint is always full.

Yes, it’s situated between two hotels. Yes, it occupies a prime position between happening Steuart Street and the Embarcadero. Yes, it’s stylishly modern, with walls of wood, steel and glass. But in San Francisco, with more than 3,500 restaurants to choose from, none of that’s enough for continued success.

Ozumo creates success in several ways.

First is fine food. Sushi doesn’t get much better, whether in San Francisco or Tokyo. Their black cod pretty much defines perfection. The desserts approach outstanding.

Second is service. Your waiter knows the menu, knows the sources, knows the sake.

Third is that sake. It’s such a specialty of the house, Ozumo even has its own sake sommelier.

Two more things: (1) Like nearby Boulevard, Ozumo is designed to be a comfortable place to eat on your own. A seat at the lively counter ensures a convivial, hassle-free evening. (2)¬†There’s a second Ozumo in Oakland, but we haven’t tried it.

61 Steuart Street;   (415) 882-1333



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