I learned a new word at Okane: ippin. It means small dishes or plates ‚Äî ¬†Japanese tapas. Ippin defines¬†dining at Okane, an izakaya restaurant. BTW, izakaya refers to a neighborhood,¬†casual dining and drinking place in Japan. This small izakaya has just 46 seats plus¬†an extra four at the sushi bar. If you have a taste… Continue reading Okane


Somehow, you¬†don’t think of sushi in the middle of Mill Valley. OK, we’re wrong. Samurai¬†serves up sushi as fresh as the freshest in San Francisco… or Tokyo. And as creative. And as tasty. It should. Chef Brian Kim learned his trade from sushi masters and brings that training to Marin. ¬†And that’s not all.¬† Service:… Continue reading Samurai