If you’re at the Moscone Center or in one of San Francisco‚Äôs museum districts (Third and Mission is flanked by SFMOMA, Museum of the African Diaspora and the Contemporary Jewish) and you want to eat where museumites eat, enter the mini-food zone of Yerba Buena Lane next to the big cube of the Contemporary Jewish,… Continue reading Tropisue√±o

Papito Hayes

R√°pido y Delicioso The knock on Mexican food in American restaurants is that every dish tastes the same. Tostados, burritos, tacos ‚Äî the texture is different, but your taste buds will strain to tell one from the other. That’s not the case at Papito Hayes, a small, skinny place in the culinary free-fire zone of… Continue reading Papito Hayes

Papito Potrero

This is one of our favorites. Mexican fare at its best and what San Francisco eating is all about. Papito Potrero is in the¬†lively, interesting neighborhood of Potrero Hill. It’s a tiny (20 seats inside, eight out) restaurant with a creative chef and cheerful knowledgable servers. It’s not fusion food but Mexican regional heightened with… Continue reading Papito Potrero