Alexander’s Snakehouse

On Halloween Eve, Alexander‚Äôs Steakhouse transmogrified itself into Alexander‚Äôs Snakehouse. It ‚Äòtwas scary ‚Äî very scary. In the words of the general manager, ‚ÄúNot for the faint of heart or weak of spirit.‚Äù Or slim of wallet. For $175, patrons were escorted by a ghoulish presence into the lower level‚Äî now, more dungeon than dining… Continue reading Alexander’s Snakehouse

Tamarind Hall

Tamarind Hall is just the kind of restaurant that sets San Francisco apart and above. Here, in no particular order, are the key ingredients: Simply delicious food A welcoming atmosphere A neighborhood favorite Reasonable prices Asian ethnic. Tamarind Hall is the loving obsession of Bangkok-born Salisa Skinner who studied law on the Peninsula, practiced IT… Continue reading Tamarind Hall

in situ

It‚Äôs a bold idea. The concept behind SFMOMA‚Äôs new restaurant, in situ, is to work ‚Äúdirectly with chefs and restaurants around the world to faithfully execute their recipes.‚Äù What this means is that the menu consists of dishes from leading restaurants from countries around the world including Canada, Germany, Japan, Turkey, Spain and the USA.… Continue reading in situ


It‚Äôs a side of San Francisco that locals know well but visitors often miss. No, not the ethnic neighborhoods the Olders are so fond of ‚Äî the Golden Triangle. Golden Triangle? Around 1915, that used to be Market, Powell and Sutter Streets, downtown. Today, it‚Äôs Chestnut, Union and Fillmore, in Cow Hollow and the Marina.… Continue reading Dorian